Our common values unite us

There is a special morale that permeates the entire group. It has to do with credibility, quality and good craftsmanship virtues. Staying focused on growth, development and the will to break out into new areas. 

70.000 m²

total production area

DKK 2,7 billion

annual turnover 2022/23

45.000 tonnes

annual consumption of steel

90.000 tonnes

annual consumption of concrete

Individually, the group's companies are particularly competitive – and together they are even stronger. Knowledge sharing between the companies is structured and takes place in purchasing, planning, production and assembly. This ensures our customers and partners a very effective building process and a better end product.

A sense of duty

Our employees are our most important resource in every sense, and we are constantly working to ensure a healthy working environment. This applies, in particular, to preventing industrial injuries. Through thorough instruction and initiation, we ensure that new employees and, in particular, young employees are familiar with the safety regulations and our procedures from day one. 

DS Gruppen is also conscientious of its responsibility to society. We support clubs, associations and cultural events in our local community. For further information, see our sponsorship application form.

Respect for the environment

Respect for the environment is a crucial consideration in the way in which we run our businesses. Where it is financially and technically possible, we endeavour to adopt the most environmentally-friendly and rational production methods. And we incorporate this thinking as early as the design and planning phase.

International group


DS Skanding

Tržaška cesta 132 - 1000 Ljubljana
Tel.: +386 41 75 82 64

The companies in DS Gruppen have substantial exports to a long list of countries in the Nordics and Europe, and several of them have established subsidiaries abroad.

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